The mission of the Santa Anita Family Service is to serve families in communities located primarily in the San Gabriel Valley by creating healthier and more stable children and adults through high quality educational, mental health, social services and senior programs provided by impassioned and dedicated professionals.


Striving to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual or family seeking help in the areas of child abuse, domestic violence, drug and alcohol related problems, behavioral health problems or other barriers to a healthy and balanced life.


Treating anyone who seeks our services with the utmost dignity and respect, our goal is to provide counseling and services that are solution and outcome based.


Founded in 1951 as the Family Service of Monrovia by community leaders with a passion to restore disadvantaged families or individuals to normal living by offering trained counsel and all of the social resources of the community, the agency changed its name to Santa Anita Family Service in 1968 in recognition of its expanding services.

Santa Anita Family Service has grown from a small, local agency to a leading regional service provider with thousands of clients. Today, SAFS has counseling offices in Monrovia and Pomona, and offers Senior Services throughout the San Gabriel Valley.